4 Spring Cleaning Ideas To Try in 2021

Ah, springtime. The season of April showers, May flowers, and natural renewal is upon us. But those aren’t the only things that come along with this time of year. It might not have the same appeal as tulips in bloom or the start of the baseball season, but spring cleaning is an integral part of the season for many.

Planning for a big move, refreshing after a winter of being shut-in, or finally getting around to cleaning the air ducts, vents, and other spots you’ve been putting off, going into spring cleaning with a game plan in place can help you create a house so clean it could be a brand-new home.

1. Change your cleaning mindset.


Before you get started on your spring cleaning, take some time to figure out why you’re tackling this project in the first place. Are you moving to a new home in a new city soon? You’ll find cleaning projects on nearly every list of tips for buying a new house in a new city. Cleaning debris from your home, decluttering, and organizing your belongings will make the movers’ job easier, even if your only movers are you and your friends or family.

Maybe you’re hiring a technician to clean your air ducts to improve the air quality in your home. Even the simple reasons for wanting to find your folder of documents come tax time or stop losing your mobile device every time you leave the room are valid. Whatever your motivation, keep it in mind as you go through the cleaning process to keep your determination high.

2. Hire someone to help with your spring cleaning.


If you’re overwhelmed by the long list of spring cleaning tasks or you’re afraid to tackle a more complicated project, bringing a tech pro on board might make all the difference. If you live in Miami, for example, research air duct cleaning in Miami to increase your energy savings and improve your indoor air quality.

Ask around for recommendations from professional organizers who can help you through the purging process. Even something as simple as recruiting a neat freak friend to help you through the process can make it an easier one. Budget for a pro or plan to treat your friend to dinner to thank them. At the absolute least, an extra pair of hands will always be welcome!

3. Clean up your digital life.


Spring cleaning efforts tend to focus on tangible projects, like duct cleaning or organizing your condo. But your digital life is just as important, and just as valid for spring cleaning plans. Take some time to clear out your smartphone or other mobile devices, your computer, social media accounts, and other digital spaces.

If you’re saving projects from Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, for example, you probably have a lot of jpegs and other files saved. Clear out your hard drive and other local storage and turn to lightroom cloud storage options for your photographs and other files. Just be sure to clean out your cloud storage from time to time, too.

4. Work through cleaning one section at a time.


Whether you swear by the KonMari method and plan to work through one category at a time (from clothes to books, and so on) or you’re moving through one room before moving to the next, focusing on one category or space at a time will help you focus or the task at hand. It’s a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by a larger mess and keep your motivation high as you finish one space before moving on to a new area. Make a list and follow through with one step at a time and watch your dream home become cleaner than ever.

With the right plan and motivation in place, spring cleaning can be just as exciting as the other appeals of the season. From bringing in a pro air duct cleaning service to moving your files to a cloud storage solution to declutter your digital life, taking the time to clean this season is a good idea, whether you’re moving to a new city or want your current home to feel like a new house.