Why Navigating Grad School Admissions Is More Challenging Now Than Ever

Graduate school admissions are becoming a far trickier minefield to navigate. MBA programs and software developer coursework are both a high draw for those leaving college or with a few years in the industry and looking to settle into a cozier office or higher-paying promotion in the near future. Unfortunately, many MBA applicants get trapped in a weakness, fall for some of the most pervasive myths in the application process, and get discouraged before even putting forward their name for consideration to their dream school, like Stanford or Wharton. A perfectly tailored resume, great credentials, and a can-do attitude will get you far, but the addition of that coveted Master’s degree is something that sets many job seekers apart, so persevering in this process is something that you should absolutely do.

The truth is, progressing in a career in software development, political analysis, or business administration usually requires the addition of a Master’s degree these days, and admissions consultants know this. More and more college graduates are moving directly into MBA programs, tailored postgraduate research degree programs, and pre-doctoral study in an effort to boost their chances of being hired in the future and increase earning potential by an order of magnitude over their competitors without additional education.

The decision to continue on after earning a Bachelor’s degree is not one that should be taken lightly, and this is not the correct course of action for all. However, anyone looking to advance into a highly technical or research-intensive field should seriously weigh their options; degree programs and universities all over the United States offer unparalleled access to a higher realm of knowledge mastery that simply can’t be accessed with study at the undergraduate level. The cream of the crop rises to the top in these programs, and the work will certainly challenge your knowledge and analysis skills, making you a more competent employee and whole person as a result.

The Competition Factor

Graduate and MBA admissions are getting tougher on applicants. There is a growing volume of competition applying to programs at universities all over the United States and abroad, and this puts a strain on applicants hoping to achieve admission into the college or university of their choice. Utilizing the help of MBA admissions consulting is a great way to find your leg up over the rabble.

Cutting through the noise of thousands of applications is a tall order. MBA admissions officers see the same clichés every day and each year as they comb through more than two million applications collectively each year. The help of an admissions consultant can help you craft the perfect cover letter and highlight the experience and background that is most likely to get you noticed above the crowd. These professionals know exactly how to get pushed to the top of the pile. Professionals in the business school admissions industry have years of experience working with applicants, and many are former admissions office staff members themselves. This is the best way forward when seeking a place in one of the nation’s most prestigious university programs at the highest levels of educational attainment.

But of course, there is also the dreaded interview to contend with once you’ve been shortlisted.

Put your best foot forward at all times.

Not only will you have to craft the perfect applicant image for admissions offices to take notice, but you also need to live that reality. Creating the professional and polished image that will take you from notice to admit is not a simple task, but it begins with your own acceptance of imperfection. Admissions officers are not looking for a cohort of perfect individuals to walk the halls during the new school year’s intake period. Instead, they want to know about your triumphs, faults, and passions. But they also need to see that you will represent the school and program admirably. Seeking information on what software developers wear to work, or how political talking heads speak to one another is a great way to acclimate yourself to the image and style that admissions officers may be looking for.

Someone steeped in the traditions of their chosen field, yet discreetly protective over their own personality and self-sufficiency, is a great addition to any program anywhere in the country. Infusing component pieces of this ‘stereotype’ into your own personality is the best way to achieve a hybrid mixture that is sure to wow during the interview process. Adding casual women’s clothing to your daily wardrobe is something that will help you to stand out as a great addition to the program as well. Dressing well for the interview is an important part of the admissions process, so make sure you take stock of your look in order to present a clean and tidy package for the admissions team.

Courtney Sarofim knows the importance of an outfit like few others. She is a master of layering style and comfort and suggests a nod to both camps when pulling together your own signature look. The ability to mix comfort with a professional look is the secret to feeling powerful and in control while pulling off a flawless first impression. These are incredibly important opportunities to make your mark in the minds of an admissions team that is overwhelmed with applications to review. By introducing yourself as an asset to the program while proving why you deserve the place among your future peers you will imprint an image of grace and potential on their minds that won’t easily wash away.

Gaining access to a graduate school program is challenging. It requires weeks or months of research, and an even longer period to get your application materials in order ahead of a submission deadline. But the opportunity to continue advancing your education and career mobility is unparalleled. Graduate school is the perfect place to meet and build relationships with your future colleagues and professional peers, and it will help you to continue learning how to create successes that will last a lifetime. Make sure you tackle the admissions process with an open mind and a hunger to succeed in order to give yourself the best chance of admission.