Picking the Best Gifts for Any Recipient

Gift giving is a year-round battle if you don’t consider yourself the savviest buyer. You’ve got birthdays, December holidays, and Valentine’s Day. Not to mention you’re probably expected to buy for family members on Mother’s and Father’s Day. If you don’t come from a family that took every opportunity to lavish loved ones with presents, or if gift-giving isn’t your love language, you may need some guidance.

First, it’s important to understand why giving gifts is important to some people. People who partake in this activity aren’t necessarily materialistic, so don’t judge them prematurely. For some, presents are a physical manifestation of their love or care. It’s a way for them to be thoughtful or feel a close connection with the recipient. These people attach identity to physical objects. Every time they use something gifted to them, they think about the buyer, bringing them joy. A person like this hopes that you will receive and use their gift in a similar way.

Now that you understand why gifts are such a cultural phenomenon—outside of capitalism—it’s time to find the right gift for the correct person. No two people are entirely alike, but you can break down your gift-giving into categories to help you vet your ideas. Here’s how to pick the best gift for any recipient.

Your Romantic Partner

The person you’re probably the most worried about buying for on your list is always your romantic partner. Theoretically, your significant other is whom you spend most of your time with. Your feelings towards this person are strong, and finding something that feels “good enough” might seem like a tall order. The stakes are particularly high when you’re first courting, but if you’ve been together for years, you may feel like you’ve run out of ideas or options. Don’t despair; the perfect gift is out there; you just need to identify it.

When thinking about the best gift to give your romantic partner, consider whether they like grand romantic gestures, are more practical, or are a mixture of both. If your partner loves romantic gestures, jewelry, or something sentimental that they can wear is always a great option. If you’ve been avoiding jewelry, run your ideas why their trusted friends with similar tastes. They’ll be able to tell you if that watch is a home run or if you should try to think up something new.

If your partner is more pragmatic, it’s okay to ask them what they want. Consider buying something useful, like a frothing wand for frothing milk or a tool they need to complete a home improvement project. You must know your audience so that you can calculate your gift accordingly.

You may still be feeling a lot of pressure if your significant other places a lot of importance on gifts. To help yourself out on bigger occasions, you can always surprise your girlfriend with a gift when it’s not a holiday. That way, you can purchase smaller items more often instead of sweating about a big item once or twice a year.

Your Close Friends

You know your friends better than anyone else. When it comes to besties, you shouldn’t be expected to purchase them anything big. Going too over the top might make your friend uncomfortable because they may not be in the financial place to reciprocate. Try to buy something for your friend that hints at a mutual hobby.

If you and your friends go way back to college or high school, be honest, one of your shared interests might be weed. With the legalization and decriminalization of weed, you no longer have to hide this hobby in many places in the U.S. That being said, marijuana still doesn’t have the most appealing smell, and when your friend goes back home to their spouse at the end of the night, you don’t want them getting in trouble. The best gift for that friend is Veil Weed Odor Eliminator.

Veil isn’t just going to mask the smell of weed; like an air freshener, it actually breaks down the molecules that cause the odor. Your friend can feel great without the social repercussions of smoking marijuana. Your friend can use it on their clothes, their furniture, or in the air. Consider Veil a cheeky but useful gift for one of your closest buds.

Your Loved One Who Has Everything

The thought that gifts can only be physical objects is a limiting belief. One of the best presents you can give is actually an experience. If you have a loved one that buys anything and everything they want and need, it can be difficult to gift a physical item. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box literally.

Do you know that your loved one’s favorite band is coming into town? Buy them two tickets so that you can share the experience. Does your loved one have a hard time slowing down for self-care? Book them a night or two at bed and breakfast. Experiences are a thoughtful gift that doesn’t accumulate clutter around the house.

Your Colleagues or Employees

It’s considered polite to purchase small gifts for your colleagues and employees around the holidays and birthdays. If you work in a small office, something personalized may be in order, but if your office is big, it might be easier to buy something more general.

For example, if your office is small, you could gift co-workers office supplies that feature their favorite animals. At a large office consider, buying everyone a gift certificate to the closest coffee shop. Gifts, even small ones, show your employees that you appreciate them. Don’t forget to give them a little extra time off if you can. Time is a great gift.

Don’t be intimidated by gift-giving. You can find the right gift if you look hard enough and think creatively. You can always glean inspiration from browsing the Internet. If you’re not sure what to search for, take the time out of your day to peruse local stores for something truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s personal or practical, remember whom you’re buying for and do your best. It really is the thought that counts.