Tips for Coping in Lockdown as New Restrictions Commence

Life has a way to turn around on us. Last year we were hit with the news that the world was going to be locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To our despair, governments all over the world enforced tougher lockdowns and curfews every week. While some were able to cope with these lockdowns, many others struggled indefinitely, and still are.

If you or a loved one is struggling with lockdowns, here are some tips to help you cope as new restrictions commence.

Maintain normal communication with loved ones


One of the first things you can do to feel better is to talk to a family member, partner, or close friend. Talking with others can help you keep your sanity intact by maintaining your human connections. You can call them via phone or video chat. You can talk about topics like the safest way to renew a prescription or the latest shows you’re binge-watching. There are infinite topics you can talk about with your loved ones, just ensure you keep that loop open.

Steer clear of overly sensational news sources


During these hard times, we want to know everything that’s happening regarding the coronavirus pandemic. In a way, watching the news can serve as entertainment. However, sometimes it’s best to stay away from news sources that like to sensationalize every news topic to gain more attention. Additionally, it’s important you don’t give the news your attention all day long as this can cause you more stress and anxiety than you already have.

Plan your move to another house


If you’re at a stage in life in which you’re considering moving into a new place, this is your chance to plan out your next move. You can use this time to look into your real estate options, pump your credit score, types of loans (e.g., hard-money loan, conventional loan, short-term loan, traditional loan), and possible down payment. When looking for information on the types of loans, you can search for “what is a hard money loan” and take notes if that’s the most suitable loan for you. You’ll have to compare private lenders or traditional lenders and their different interest rates. This way, you’ll find the best way to pay for your future real estate property.

Work on your hobbies


Hobbies are a great way to take your mind off the daily stresses of the world and crank that creative gear. Focusing on creating rather than consuming will help you cope with depression and anxiety and can even promote a healthy brain. Whether your hobby is making candles, drawing, or playing music, you’ll be sure to create peace of mind when you practice it.

Focus on your present instead of the future


Focusing on the past can be a waste of time while focusing on the future can add to your anxiety. It’s important you are centered on the present to keep a healthy mind. Being mindful of your surroundings, sounds, and self can help you reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, and reduce stress. So instead of worrying about not being able to go out, catch yourself in the act by grounding yourself.

Seek online therapy for complex concerns


When the situation gets too overwhelming for you because, for example, you’re spending your birthday alone, you may want to request professional help. During lockdowns, therapists have opted for online sessions for everyone’s benefit. You can contact your health insurance plan to see if they offer coverage for telehealth. There are professionals specialized in isolation and mental health issues like depression and anxiety who can help you cope with these hard times.

It doesn’t matter in which ways you cope. What matters is that you implement coping mechanisms that work for you and that are not self-destructive.