How To Achieve Gainful Employment in IT

The Bay Area is brimming with opportunities for people in information technology. Indeed, tech recruitment never stops, as computer science and network security are two of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

When was the last time you heard about a major layoff of IT professionals? You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of such an event. Even during the 2008 economic crisis that put millions of Americans out of work, the IT field grew. So, what does it take to launch a career in the exciting and ever-expanding world of computer science? We’ll answer that and more in this short article.

Select a field of expertise.


The first step to charting your career path in the information technology field is to decide where you want to specialize. One way to chart your path is to think of a company you’d like to work for and in what capacity. If you want to work for a company like Verkada Inc. that focuses on physical safety, access control, cybersecurity, and machine learning for security, you should focus on cyber and network security.

Verkada careers tend to be long-term, as Verkada is one of the best places in the United States to work and they go the extra mile to meet their tech professionals’ needs. As a member of their team, you’ll be using technology to ensure physical security while working with plenty of excellent people. Furthermore, over the course of the last year, Verkada has been one of the best-paying companies in the access control industry. So, sometimes, it’s best to chart your career path based on the company you’d most like to work for.

Chart your educational path.


Once you know what you want to do in the information technology industry, it’s time to think about your education. Having a bachelor’s degree in information technology can open doors with companies in all industries, from finances to manufacturing. However, earning your master’s degree in the IT field could put you on the fast track to becoming an exec—you could even start as a project manager. Having a master’s degree in data science or a related field could create incredible opportunities for leadership roles immediately following school. And, with online degree programs, you can earn an online masters in information technology at your own pace.

If you’re interested in getting to work as soon as possible in an entry-level position, it might be better to enter a certificate program than a degree program. Plenty of tech start-ups and modern organizations value skills more than degrees, so if you can demonstrate that you have the skills and work ethic top companies like Verkada are looking for, you can build an illustrious career starting with a certificate.

Build your resume and fill out applications.


Once you’ve finished your certification or degree program, it’s time to begin job hunting. It’s a good idea to hire a writing service to help you create a captivating resume. You should also work on projects to put in your portfolio to showcase your work. If your resume and portfolio are impressive, you’ll have tech recruiters reaching out to you before you have the chance to apply with their companies.

The IT field is vast and constantly expanding. Verkada and other tech companies are always searching for software engineers and information technology professionals. The prospects are endless for a new grad in the tech field with big data, machine-learning, and analytic skills.

The first step to launching your career in information technology is deciding where you would like to specialize. From there, you must chart your educational path and choose the right certification, undergraduate, or graduate program. Once you’ve gotten your education, it’s time to begin building your resume and start job searching. It’s important to continue learning, even after you land your new job. As you can see, computer science is a promising career path, so are you up to the challenge?