How Dermatology Can Help You

Prioritizing skin health is a great choice for any individual, but it can bring up a lot of questions. Should you use lemon on your face? What major side effects will green tea have on your skin? That’s where the work of a dermatologist comes in handy. Dermatology is a branch of medical science that deals with skin blemishes and healthy skin care products. Enlisting a dermatologist can be a great option for your skin, no matter your skin’s condition. Here are some ways a dermatologist can help you.

Skin Education


Overall wellness is on the rise worldwide. COVID-19 raised several concerns about wellness, making people more conscious of what they eat, how they relax, and the importance of skincare. But there’s still a huge disparity between the urgency attended to skincare compared to other medical areas, especially for men. Many people may not try a product if it is not recommended by a pharmacist, but seeing a professional for their daily use of products sounds unnecessary.

While some choices call for DIY ideas, not all ingredients may work for you just because a celebrity says so. It pays to consult professionals and platforms like to better understand the implications of such products for your complexion, pores, and skin’s sensitivity. Seeing a dermatologist like Dr. Nowak can help you understand your lifestyle choices and how they relate to one skin issue or another.

Access to the Right Products

The global skincare market currently stands at $130 billion in value. According to Statista, the market will increase by over $40 billion before 2025. The skincare market is reported to be the fastest-growing out of all the segments in the overall beauty industry. The United States alone saw a 13 percent growth leap last year.

The astronomical growth of skincare may also put a shopper at risk of purchasing counterfeit products that can lead to discoloration, premature aging, wrinkles, or irritation. Buying products like a retinol moisturizer, for instance, may require the input of a dermatologist. Retinol is a type of retinoid that improves collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines on the skin. The benefits of retinol are endless. However, depending on your skin’s type, too much or too little retinol might churn invisible results or, worse, skin issues. With a dermatologist’s advice, you can identify the right retinol product on the market.

Screenings for Precancer and Cancer

Redness or new swellings beyond a mole’s border are among several early signs of cancerous skin cells. These are signs you may easily misconstrue for mere acne or breakouts. As you read in health blogs, you may be tempted to battle these issues with shea butter, but the signs can persist. The danger is time: You may never know the exact cause of a skin issue until it’s too late.

Therefore, it pays to have your dermatologist on speed dial. A quick call might afford you an early dermatology screening to avoid the extreme perils of skin cancer. Skin cancers are very widespread across the United States. Generally, the survival rate is appreciable, but extreme melanoma and basal cell cancer cases can be fatal when left untreated for a long time.

Scar Removal

Dermatologists provide the safest way to remove a scar or at least reduce its noticeability. Scars come in different types and may require several solutions, including surgical removal, laser revision, and pressure massaging activities. A dermatologist can let you know which treatment is best for you.

Slowing Skin Aging


Noticing visible signs of aging on your skin can be alarming, especially when you’re sure you haven’t crossed the stage to be losing your youthful appearance just yet. Several options may be available to remove dark spots or reduce dryness, but some of these skin strategies may have only short-term effects on your skin’s health. Aging is natural, and the signs, if accepted, can be beneficial to your overall health. However, if you must use products with anti-aging benefits, be firm with your selection. Checking with a dermatologist will always set you on the right skincare product path.