Classic Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse: House Design Ideas

The modern farmhouse style has blown up as a home trend in the last few years. But how does it differ from the classic farmhouse style, and how do you know which works best for your home? To give a bit of context, the farmhouse home design actually has Scandinavian roots. Because of the cold climate, the home was designed to be functional. That’s why you’ll find it to be rather traditional and rustic. Think about early colonial settlers, and that’s pretty much what you’d expect as the earliest form of the classic farmhouse design. So, how did it evolve into the modern farmhouse we see today? Keep reading to learn the differences between classic and modern farms.

The classic farmhouse and the modern farmhouse are both family-friendly.


You’ll immediately notice that the farmhouse style feels homey. That’s why it’s such a popular choice for family homes. When you choose a farmhouse look, nothing feels too precious. Every square foot of the house looks like it can handle foot traffic or spillage. The color palettes tend to be bright and uplifting, with warm tones and natural materials. Furniture in a farmhouse is often made to withstand everyday wear and tear. Regardless of which one you choose between the two, you’ll find that the details will feel comfortable and cozy.

Both types of design are practical and functional.


What makes the farmhouse look so popular is that it offers a lot of functionality in a home. It doesn’t feel pretentious, so anyone will feel comfortable stepping inside and feeling at home. If you want to achieve this look, you may want to consider vinyl plank flooring in Dallas. It’s waterproof, durable, and great in areas with heavy foot traffic. Plus, there are several different styles to match your farmhouse-inspired decor. Check out Carpet Outlets to find the best materials for your own home.

A modern farmhouse mixes and matches different materials.


What makes the modern farmhouse differ is that it’s usually geared toward a neutral color palette, stark contrast, and cleaner lines. If you’re looking to do a Lubbock bathroom remodel that’s inspired by a modern farmhouse, then you’ll likely choose durable finishes that are stainless steel or black. Expect to see dark metal materials mixed with light wood tones. During your bathroom remodel, technicians from Beautiful Bath Pro will choose only the highest quality products. Expect to see subway tile, black fixtures, and some light wood.

The classic farmhouse is a lot more rustic.


In comparison to the modern look, you’ll find that the classic farmhouse will have distressed or weathered furniture. This type of interior design will also incorporate traditional printed fabrics with floral patterns or even paisley. The silhouettes here are sturdy and built to last. This is because the style came from a time in history when indoor and outdoor spaces were often intertwined. Expect to see heavy pieces of furniture and colorful details rather than neutral palettes and clean lines.

You’ll find that the farmhouse look has been popularized because it’s so versatile. There are multiple ways to go about it. And if you want to achieve the look on a budget, you can certainly do that without compromising quality. These looks have an established place in design history, and they exude unmatched comfort. When you enter a home that’s inspired by a farmhouse, you’ll find that it’s cozy, warm, and inviting. You won’t hesitate to kick off your shoes and allow yourself to feel comfortable. These are just a few differences to note about each type, but you’ll find that they’re all rooted in the same values: practicality, comfort, and durability.