Fashion Trends to Look Out for in Late 2020

Fall is here and in full-force, and even though it’s a different fashion season than you’re probably used to, that doesn’t mean there aren’t trends to still keep up with. Especially if 2020 has felt like a blur to you, it might seem strange to consider your fashion choices as you move into this waning time of year. However, functionality is just as important as form this year, as you make picks that you look and feel great in; regardless of whether you’re running to the store, or enjoying an outdoor pumpkin patch with friends (while following social distancing measures, of course)!

From classic pieces like fall jackets that look great while keeping you warm, to intimate pieces to spice up your romance, here are some fashion trends to look out for in 2020.

Fall jackets will be more important than ever.

Layering is an important concept in fashion, both because of the overall style it helps you be creative, and because of the way it allows you to adjust your outfit based on your body temperature. This becomes even more important as the season’s change and temperatures tend to fluctuate. For example, typical autumn in a big city like Chicago can range from days in the 30s, to some days in the highs of around 75 degrees!

Fall jackets come in a variety of lightweight numbers to match any sense of style or personality. Whether you’re looking for a type of coat in faux-suede or a classic quilted jacket, you’ll quickly realize that your options are quite broad. Some of the most popular new fall jackets this year will likely be moto jackets, which offer a pop of boho chic, as well as a jacquard topper, which will frame your outfit nicely and fit over other, thicker layers, such as sweatshirts.

Fashionable lingerie can add romance to your evenings.

If you’ve been quarantining with the same partner for most of 2020, it’s understandable if your sex life has taken a bit of a dip. After all, it’s hard to get things heated in the bedroom with a global pandemic raging around you, and uncertainties about the state of an important American election. That being said, a bit of underwear fashion can go a long way to helping get your partner in the mood. That should make it unsurprising that lingerie sales are up considerably in 2020, notable for partners sheltering in place together or those staying kinky apart from each other via video.

The great thing about buying lingerie is that it comes in plenty of styles to match your body and your relationship. From lace bodysuits to a classic bralette and panty set, women’s lingerie is as unique as the woman wearing it. If you’re more adventurous, consider crotchless undergarments or slip on some see-through satin sleepwear. Remember, even underwear that’s flattering to your torso, like a bodice, goes a long way in spicing up women’s lingerie collections, so feel free to ditch the outerwear and focus on the undies if you want to keep things simple but effective.

You’ll want to coordinate your masks to match.

In much of the United States, masks have become so important to wear as you go about your daily life in public. Just recently, America’s leading epidemiologist even suggested that a mask mandate may be necessary to stave off a surge in infections. Stocking up on fall colored masks and fall patterns can help you coordinate your mask with the rest of your outfit.

Masks come in a variety of styles and fabric types, but, generally speaking, a cotton-based mask using multiple layers of tightly-woven fabric, is going to be the most effective. Whether you’re buying a few in colors like bright orange, fiery red, or magenta, it should be relatively easy to cross-reference some of the most popular runway colors of the fall fashion season as you’re stocking up on some more masks.