5 Ways to Turn Any Trip Into a Romantic Getaway

Vacations are needed. It’s as simple as that. Most people spend 365 days out of the year focused on a job that wears them down to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. Even for those people who actually like their jobs, a break is still needed to refresh and come back to their careers with a fresh viewpoint.

Vacations have been found to bring physical and psychological health benefits. Workers who take vacations experience lower stress, lower risk of heart disease, more motivation to achieve their goals and an overall better outlook on life. As reported, taking a vacation every two years as compared to only taking a vacation every six years, can lower the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attacks.

Taking vacations can also prevent stress from hurting your life. When it comes to chronic stress, this mental ailment can prevent your body from resisting infection, and from maintaining vital functions. Mentally speaking, stress can cause you to become more irritable, depressed, and anxious. Taking vacations can further help to alleviate these stress-induced conditions.

Many stress-relieving vacations are often taken with the hope of creating a romantic and relaxing environment for travelers. What better way to get away from the BS of life, than having a romance-packed trip? This can do wonders for helping to relieve the stress of life. In other cases, these romantic escapades might be what the doctor ordered for relationships that might be on-the-rocks. In either case, here are some tips for how to turn a trip into a romantic getaway.

1. Pack “fun” undergarments.


Seeing a woman in lingerie can be an attractive sight. Men love to see their significant other wearing a sexy lingerie set. For women wearing a nice-looking bra and panties set can help build self-confidence, but also a lot of women just like wearing such items for their partner’s pleasure. No matter the reason, bringing along “fun” undergarments (and there are some out there for men, so the onus doesn’t have to all be put on the woman), can help to make a vacation romantic.

2. Disconnect from technology.


Turn your phone off. Let the laptop battery die. Leave your tablet at the house. If you’re on a vacation with your significant other, there should be no distractions. This means taking the next step to disconnect. We’ve become so wired and connected to electronic devices (cellphones, computers, tablets, etc.) that social interaction sometimes feels it’s taking a backseat.

When you’re on vacation, make sure this is not the case. Especially when your desire is to make the vacation as romantic as possible, disconnecting from these distractions is required. There’s no way that you can be romantic, without giving that other person your undivided attention.

3. Find “not so well-known’ romantic locales to visit.


There are some places in the world that are more associated with the idea of romance than others. Sure, spots like Paris and Italy have become synonymous with romance draped locales. Try looking for other not-so-recognizable locales that offer love-inspired vacation spots. Maybe there’s a place in the Munich beer halls that speaks to the matters of the heart. Or maybe there’s a lagoon in the rain-drenched jungles of the Brazilian rainforest which screams ‘romance.’ You won’t know unless you look.

4. Go to vacation sites when it’s cold.


Most people would rather go to vacation locations where the sun is ample abundance, and there’s a beach somewhere nearby. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Going on vacation to a resort, Air BnB, or hotel during the fall and winter are also great for creating a romantic getaway.

For example, let’s say you spend a chilly day on vacation walking through beautiful forests of changing leaves. Or, you and your girlfriend or boyfriend go skiing on snow-capped mountainsides. At the end of all of this, the desire to back to your room and snuggle is heightened, possibly leading to a night where romance is the name of the game.

5. Avoid the crowds.


When on vacation, you don’t necessarily need to be around a lot of people. Large crowds don’t equal a great vacation. So maybe order a romantic dinner for two in your hotel room. Maybe look for locations in your vacation locale of choice which focus on being isolated, or alone. Staying away from the crowds allows you to focus all your attention on that special someone.