What to Bring With You to a Rehabilitation Center

The decision to check yourself into a rehabilitation center is a big step. If you’re about to enter rehab, it’s likely that you’re experiencing anxiety around this life-changing decision. To make your rehab stay a little more comfortable, it could be a great idea to pack for your rehabilitation stay similarly to how you would pack for a vacation. In taking a little time to plan out what you’ll bring to rehab, you’ll be more likely to feel comfortable right away. Start with calling the rehabilitation center you’ll be staying in and asking about rules regarding what you can bring. From there, read on for a few ideas on what you’ll want to put in your bag.

Plan to dress for your environment.


Every rehab is different. Where one rehab center will focus on art therapy and group sessions, another might focus on behavioral therapy and treatment for a substance use disorder. Some centers put a big focus on outdoor team building psychotherapy exercises and use nature as part of the natural detoxification process. For this reason, it’s important to understand the type of rehab center you’re checking into.

Maybe you’ll be checking into a luxury rehab. Most luxury rehabs have amenities you might find on vacation. Whether that means a swimming pool or hot tub, you’ll want to know about recreation activities ahead of time so that you know to pack your bathing suit. Be sure to call ahead so that you can pack your bags for any environment or situation you might run into.

When packing for the environment you’ll be living in, think about the climate, too. Many people seek treatment far from home. If you’ll be getting counseling in a facility far away from family members and a familiar location, you’ll need to do some research on your next chapter to be better prepared.

Pack things that remind you of home but don’t trigger you.


Long days of group therapy, individual therapy, and maybe even hypnotherapy could mean you struggle with homesickness as you work to transition into life at the recovery center. Consider packing items from home that will help make you feel more comfortable during this change. While you’ll need to pack practical items like your Medicare insurance agency cards and identification, it’s a good idea to pack more sentimental items as well.

Call your rehab center before check-in to find out what is and isn’t allowed. Whether it’s a favorite book, family Bible, or stuffed animal, it’ll be nice to have something with you that reminds you of home.

Remember religious and spiritual items.


For many people, surrendering to a higher power is the first step in taking hold of sobriety. If you’ll be working under a 12-step program, consider your religious beliefs ahead of time. Whatever that higher power looks like to you, a great way to take that first step is to bring spiritual items with you that remind you of your belief system. Think about bringing items that represent hope and your faith that something out there is bigger than you and will help you make it through.

While some people are more focused on bringing a handful of women’s dress jackets to look their best in a luxury drug rehab setting, understanding ahead of time that adding a religious token might pay off for you is never a bad idea. It’s possible you’ll need that jacket for treatment facility functions, but you may want the help of belief system reminders as well. One great perk to checking into rehab is that you’ll be free of normal life distractions, and many people use their time in rehab as a way to not only connect to a supportive environment but to restore their connection with their higher power as well.

Bring an open mind and hope.


The most important thing you can bring into your recovery journey is a good attitude and hope that you’ll make it through. Hard work in group counseling, a strong team of psychotherapists and psychiatrists, and being in a beautiful setting have helped many people before you start over. Even if you’re in the beginning of your recovery journey, remember that you have already made a great first step by admitting you need help.

By the end of your rehabilitation stay, it won’t matter as much what you brought with you to get through those first days. At the end of your stay, your sobriety and continued recovery will feel like much bigger things to be concerned with than how you dressed or what you turned to for comfort. With that said, going into rehab with some of the healthy comforts of home can make the transition easier. Congratulations on your brave decision to focus on your overall wellbeing, and best of luck to you in recovery.