A Guide to Spring Holidays in Sussex

If you are planning to go to England for a holiday, chances are you’re looking to experience the full British stereotype: rolling hills, green pastures speckled with sheep, and medieval ruins. Luckily, Sussex is the best example of this. This county, which lies in the southeast corner of England, boasts everything you could want from an English holiday and more.

One of the best times to visit Sussex is in the spring when the weather is mild and the sheep are growing in the wool. Here is a guide to spending your spring holiday frolicking around Sussex.

Known as the best beachside resort in England, Brighton is perfect for those who are looking to experience the seaside. The area has one of the oldest casinos in England, a large marina, and a boardwalk with shops and restaurants just waiting to be explored. The best part of visiting Brighton in the spring is that it won’t be crowded with beachgoers, so you’ll be able to relax in the sunshine and take in the salty air without other tourists all around you.

In addition, Brighton is home to the Royal Pavilion, a palace reminiscent of the Taj Mahal with its white domes. It used to be the party palace of King George IV, and is considered one of the most opulent royal residences in all of the U.K. For the antique fans, it also has one of the largest chinoiserie collections on the island.

The Seven Sisters
You may be familiar with the famous White Cliffs of Dover, but the Seven Sisters are equally as impressive and not to be missed. These white cliffs get their color from the amount of chalk in their sediment, and pose a striking opposition to the green pastures on their top and the blue sea at their feet. Located in the South Downs National Park, which is between Eastbourne and Seaford, they are a perfect area for those looking for a picnic and a nice walk to take in the scenery. The old legend calls them sisters because it was once believed seven different sisters lived in separate houses in between the hills.

Bodiam Castle
Built in 1385, Bodiam Castle is everything you’d expect from a medieval castle. It boasts big turrets, a drawbridge, and multiple battlements, so what else could you ask for? Bodiam Castle was originally built to fortify Sussex from invasion, it now lies in ruin, just ready to be explored. You can spend a nice day on the grounds exploring the multiple rooms of the palace, the grounds, and even have lunch in their fully functional tearoom.

Chichester Cathedral
No trip to Sussex will be complete without a visit to Chichester Cathedral, which is a gorgeous historic church that is still in use to this day. Located in the town of Chichester, this cathedral is full of high, marble ceilings, buttresses, and picturesque stained glass on display.

Redoubt Fortress and Military Museum
Located right outside Eastbourne, the Redoubt Fortress was built to push Napoleonic armies out of England. It had been used up through World War II, and has more than 200 years of military history lying within its walls. You can explore the grounds, visit the military artifact museum, and learn about the fortress’s rich history all in one trip, making a full-day visit well worth it.

So if you are planning on staying in some Sussex holiday cottages during your next vacation, be sure to check out these hot spots. If you visit all of these spots, we guarantee you won’t want to leave!