A Brief Guide to Longboat Key Real Estate

Longboat Key is one of the best places in Florida to purchase real estate. Tucked neatly beneath Tampa Bay, the key island strand offers unparalleled relaxation and a quick trip both north and south to all the best attractions that Florida life has to offer.

Investing in real estate here is a great option, but there are some essential considerations to make before going all-in on a new property in the Manatee and Sarasota County areas. Longboat Key real estate offers a fantastic opportunity to bring in a new and highly sought-after element to your personal financial picture. With a home here, you can lock in great state income tax considerations, enjoy the warm air for virtually the entire year, and bask in the relaxing lifestyle that characterizes much of Florida living. Continue reading to learn more about the area and its essential features as you approach a new real estate purchase in Longboat Key.

Identify your use case before you buy.


Buying property in the Floridian coastal market is a great option for many different types of buyers. However, there are also many unique property types to choose from. This means that you’ll want to evaluate your own use case before closing on any new buying opportunity. Some property owners in the Floridian sun will want to use the home as a summer vacation property, frequenting the Sunshine State in the warmer months when their children are out of school for the summer. Others select a Florida home as a refuge against the harsh northern winters, and many people utilize the destination as their getaway to take in warmer climes and enjoy the outdoor air all year.

If you’re looking for a summer spot, finding a home that’s right on the water or a short distance from a sandy beach is a great option. This will give you the fastest access to the salty air and ocean tides. An open-plan home can act as the perfect base of operations for you and your family as you scurry in and out of the home and to and from beaches, local restaurants, and more. Longboat Key is a subdued place of relaxation, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no fun to be had along the barrier island. Nearly every one of Florida’s keys (from the Longboat Key area to the famous chain of key islands that end at Key West down along the bottom of the state) provides a vibrant lifestyle and plenty to enjoy both day and night.

Another option for property buyers in the Longboat Key and Sarasota area is the use of rental opportunities. There are a large number of properties available for purchase in these regions that can be transformed into a great Airbnb property or another summer rental space. Whether you’re thinking of non-commercial use or a real estate asset that can bring in great seasonal and perhaps even year-long returns, the Florida coast is one of the most obvious places to begin your search.

Understand necessary inclusions before purchasing here.


While Floridians enjoy unprecedented weather, there’s also a drawback in the seasonal changes that affect the state, and this coast in particular. Hurricane season runs from late June through to the end of the autumn months. Hurricanes are sent hurtling through the Atlantic, and five or six per season often reach the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic coastal region of Florida. The nature of the Gulf means that homeowners here are often protected from the brunt of these storms, but if one does swing back around toward Florida, the warmer water provides a potent force that quickly ramps up the capacity for damage and destruction.

A full-service insurance coverage option and hurricane-strength windows, doors, and roofing installations are therefore necessary to protect the integrity of your asset in the event of a direct hit or close call.

Make sure you do your homework and purchase a property in the Floridian marketplace that makes the most sense for you and your finances.