4 Tips for Impressing the In-Laws

When you are dating your partner for a long time, it’s inevitable that you will have to meet their family members at some point. It could be just their mom or dad, but maybe the brothers and sisters are coming along too. They could be bringing their kids, and maybe grandma or grandpa are stopping by. It all can be very overwhelming, but take a deep breath, and be ready to bring your A-game with these four helpful tips.

1. Dress Your Best


First impressions are everything, and it all starts with how you present yourself when entering someone else’s home or meeting them for the first time. Based on where you’ll be meeting the in-laws, prepare your wardrobe to dress for success.

For men, a collared shirt and slacks are the simplest way to show off a clean look. Consider a sport coat depending on where you are meeting. If you have the opportunity to get a haircut, do so, but be sure to shave or trim your beard at the very least.

For women, a dress or blouse that fits the environment is a solid choice. When in doubt, opt for neutral colors. If there is any jewelry that you feel adds a pop of color, go for it as it can be a conversation piece at some point in the interaction.

It’s a high-pressure situation, yes, but use your best judgment on attire, and consult your significant other for their advice.

2. Show Respect for Their Child


If you are meeting the parents, you probably have really strong feelings for their child. The best way to impress their folks is to show how much you care. Be respectful to their son or daughter, showing the love you have for one another. Simple moves like pulling out a chair or carefully listening go miles during this first visit.

Showing respect to their child puts you on the right path to getting that “Yes” when you ask to marry their son or daughter. While you may not be at that stage on the first meeting with the in-laws, you may want to ask for their input on an engagement ring. Lab created diamond engagement rings have emerged as a great choice when it comes to clarity, brilliance, and the quality of the diamond.

3. Take Interest In Them

Beyond discussing beautiful rings and the diamond market, be sure to take interest in their interests. Find out from your partner a little bit about their parents’ or other loved ones’ hobbies. You may discover you have something in common and can build a relationship from there. The next step could be setting up a meeting involving that hobby, like a round of golf or going to see a play.

If there is something you may not know too much about, be sure to ask questions and listen when they discuss this hobby. That genuine interest shows you are not just putting on a show for the sake of their child but that you genuinely want to build a relationship with them.

4. Be Yourself


As much as you want to do everything to impress your in-laws, there’s nothing more important than being yourself. Don’t be afraid to engage in a civil conversation, and talk about yourself and your love for their child. Be an open book when it comes to your past and present. People are far more understanding than you think, and this honesty will shine like that engagement ring when you give it to the person you love.

For example, if you are currently between jobs or are helping an incarcerated relative, it is best to be straightforward about anything in recent years before they have to find out the next day from your partner, changing their opinion of you.